Electra Maintenance division provides customers with integrated facility management, installation & support of electromechanical systems & infrastructures and a variety of complementary campus services by selected professional partners.

The division supports over 5.5M m2 all over the country with a dynamic, state-of-the-art, multi-client call center and over 1200 professionals of all disciplines. Our customers come from diversified sectors – industry and hi-tech, public and government, banking, medical, military and so forth. We support large campuses with dedicated on-site crews to small branches and affiliates of chains or networks with our 80 mobile teams, spread out all over Israel.

Our engineers and experts specialize in all core electro-mechanical professions and provide a vast spectrum of services – Electricity, HVAC, Fire Protection, Building Maintenance & Plumbing, Instrumentation and Control, Chemicals, Gases etc. In many cases we offer after-hour, weekend or 24/7 expert support.

The division tailors solutions to exact requirements and constellations, and adapts support programs and infrastructures to budgets and resources. The synergy between Electra's diversified resources and complementary partners creates a one stop shop with a full arsenal of capabilities required by customers.  Maintenance plans are based on each customer's SLA, and include regular inspections, KPI checks for quality assurance, and detailed protocols for repairs and preventative maintenance.

All key processes are managed by robust frameworks and infrastructures. Our ERP service module combines precise reporting and careful periodic analysis of maintenance statistics. It is the key to adjusting needs to resources, ensuring a common baseline with customers and ongoing continuous improvement.

Customers can also count on Electra's unrivaled inventory and procurement management systems, which ensure that spare parts are always available for fast, efficient repairs. Engineering and logistics are carefully handled on a large scale by Electra operations professionals.

At Electra Maintenance division, quality and safety are both integrated into our mindset, daily routines and culture. We conduct periodic structured audits by a QA engineer, followed by detailed reports and corrective actions lists. New employees take quality and safety classes, and we have ongoing refreshment trainings to update and maintain care and readiness. Ongoing reviews with customers and satisfaction surveys complement our deliveries and ensure common perception of service and performance.